What is Cretavia?

Cretavia is a wonderful and creative gaming platform. Our gaming platform allows our members from around the world to connect and communicate with their friends through the large selection of games on our website; not only can our members communicate through games, but our members can also communicate through the messaging system on our website. The objective for our members is to create their own game, design their own character and collect awards for playing their favorite games or developing their own wonderful and creative games!

What can you do on Cretavia?

Build Your Own Games.

Play Games and Collect Awards.

Communicate with Friends.

Status Posts and Forum Interaction.

About Cretavia.

Cretavia is a platform developed by EliteGames, a solo developer. The primary goal for Cretavia was to create a wonderful 3D creation platform for users to build their own games, design their own characters, communicate through our social features on the website and in countless games, create their own groups to build up a community, collect awards and assets for playing games and sharing their status with their friends or the entire community. This platform has set multiple goals and all of those goals have came to life after Cretavia came out of it's beta stage. Cretavia is now open to the public for users to express their creativity with the finished creation platform; there have been lots of questions regarding how to build games or what games users can build on Cretavia and we have the answers to all of those questions. Since the start of Cretavia, we have had the goal to extend our creation platform further than ever, allowing users to eventually create much larger games than they can already create. As a solo developer, these types of features can be rough and take some time, but eventually our platform will be able to handle the creation of much larger games without the limitation of performance issues; as to answer the other question, Cretavia has a wonderful program known as the "Cretavia Workstation" which allows you to build and program your own games on the Cretavia platform. This platform also has a wonderful api reference for you to learn how to program your own games on Cretavia.

We're bringing gaming to the next level!

Cretavia was designed to bring gaming to the next level, allowing users to design and program their own games from scratch. This has brought our platform a large amount of success over these months of working, it's been hard, but it's worth the work. You build your own game, your games are hosted on our servers, and we do the hard part to save you some time!

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