Privacy Policy

About the Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is important to us; we created this Privacy Policy to inform you and make sure you are aware of what data is being collected, how it's being used, and who it's being shared with.

Data Collection.

Upon using the Cretavia Website and(or) Service(s), we may collect and process data from you. You can view the data being collected below:

  • When you sign up or sign in on the Website. Upon signing up on our website, Cretavia may collect data to enhance account security and your user experience. Cretavia may collect the following data upon sign up to enhance your account security and user experience; ip address, time and date; Cretavia may also collect the following data upon signing in; username, password, email, gender, join date, previous ip address, ip address, and time and date.
  • When you make a purchase on Cretavia. Users can purchase memberships, virtual currencies, assets or merchandise on our website, when making a purchase, you or your parent/guardian may be required to enter their billing information, including name, billing address, billing email, credit card and other payment information. Cretavia may collect billing information, transaction details and purchase history to resolve billing inquiries, support or other billing related questions. Cretavia does not store any full credit card numbers.
  • When you post or submit messages on Cretavia such as your messages, status, description, forum posts, etc. Cretavia may collect this data to ensure a much better and safer community, this data may be collected, filtered and moderated for many purposes; this includes violation of our Community Guidelines to help maintain Cretavia as a safe service for all of it's users.

What are cookies? Cookies are a small piece of data sent from Cretavia for your web browser to remember useful information.

Cretavia uses cookies for various convient features, you can view a list of what Cretavia uses cookies for below:
  • Viewing and storing users' account settings, preferences, and specific login information,
  • Moderation against inappropriate activities in violation of our Community Guidelines, Terms and Conditions or other violations,
  • Other activities similar to the following listed.
Shared Information. Cretavia may share their users' information with third-party companies or contractors, information like usernames, emails or billing information can be shared with these third-party companies or contractors.

Cretavia may disclose personal information about you as required or permitted by law, we may also disclose personal information about you in request from law enforcement agencies.

We share some of the following information the specified companies below:
  • Analytic Services (e.g., Google LLC),
  • Advertising Services (e.g., Google LLC).
Data Deletion.

Cretavia respects your privacy, if you would like your account and data to be deleted, we will perform as per request. You can contact us to get this data removed here: [email protected]

Last Updated: 3/12/2019